Office Policies and Procedures

Accepted Insurance
Commercial Blue Cross Blue Shield only
Out-of-Network Plans
Please note neither Masshealth/Managed Masshealth nor Medicare/Managed Medicare are accepted.
Kindly notify the office insurance changes before your next visit.
Co-pay is expected at each session. For those not using insurance, payment in full is expected at each session.

Appointment Schedule
Initial evaluation: 1 hour; Routine follow-up: 30 min
Self-pay Initial session: $300; Follow-up session: $150.

Overdue Balances
You will receive a payment reminder for balances past due via email or at your next appointment. Your account may be referred to collections for balances greater than 90 days past due.

Late Cancellations and No Shows
Your appointment time is reserved for only you. If you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, kindly give 48 business hours notice to avoid $50 late cancel fee. No Show fee is $100. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. As a courtesy, an appointment reminder will be sent, however, you are responsible for your appointment time.

Application for Disability
Dr. Jordan will help you apply for disability. The fee is billed to your insurance carrier. You are responsible for any unpaid balance. There is no charge for disability applications to Social Security.

Additional Services and Fees
It is your responsibility to pay for services completed outside of a session. These services may include letters to third parties, jury duty forms, back to work notes, court-related issues etc. There is no charge for a brief telephone conversation. Dr. Jordan does not provide internet consultation.

Medication Refills
Please call your pharmacy for refills and request it be faxed to our office. Please allow up to three business days to complete the process. Please note that stimulants are controlled substances and cannot be called in or faxed to your pharmacy. Your prescription refills will be provided during your session.

Your treatment with Dr. Jordan is completely private and confidential. Under no circumstances will Dr. Jordan discuss any aspect of your treatment with anyone without your knowledge and prior approval.

Dr. Jordan may need to contact others involved in your health care. This may include medical laboratories, hospitals, your health insurance company, therapist or other physicians. Permission to allow these contacts is expected and is part of an overall approach to maximize the benefits of your treatment.

A specific, time-limited, signed release of information (ROI) form will be required. This will give Dr. Jordan permission, revocable by you at any time, to contact those necessary to coordinate your care.

If you are in imminent danger of harm to yourself or others, Dr. Jordan will act in accordance with the law to maintain safety and alert appropriate authorities.

Routine and Emergency Calls/Doctor Absence
Dr. Jordan or office staff will attempt to return your calls within 24-48 hours during the week. Dr. Jordan does not check messages on weekends, holidays and vacations. For extended absences, a covering psychiatrist will be available for routine clinical needs. Dr. Jordan does not treat psychiatric emergencies. In this case, call the Psychiatric Emergency Service at 413-586-5555, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.